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Hamriyah Freezone, Sharjah - UAE


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Located in the United Arab Emirates, Xeta Petroleum FZE has nearly a decade of experience in petroleum and petrochemical products. The promoter's experience in sourcing raw materials, manufacturing, and distributing a wide range of petroleum and petrochemical commodities gives Golden Aries a competitive advantage. Xeta Petroleum FZE has its roots in expertise, knowledge, and market analysis. The team has started its activity by risk-analysis of physical trades besides mitigating the exposures in the market. With access to the transparent CTRM software and clearinghouse derivatives trades, the team has entered into shipping and physical trade activities. Results-oriented, we exhibit initiative and extraversion. Quality products and services are our top priority, as are health, safety, and environmental protection. Now the team is the synergy of physical traders and market knowledge to boost its businesses.

Who We Are?

We are a physical energy trading company based in Dubai with a high market knowledge-based root and experience in shipping, storage management, hedging, and risk management through financial markets, clearinghouses, and brokers.

Storage Management

Storage management in intense cargo flows is a crucial figure in physical trades. Acknowledging the profit in the blending process and producing the market-demanded grades fill the profit-making gaps. Xeta Petroleum FZE will use the best optimization tools to grasp the market opportunities.

Risk Management

Hedging by derivatives in physical trades is a fundamental base of risk mitigation. Xeta Petroleum FZE will follow the international market daily to take the proper position for itself. The company will use the service, and it will be provided as a supporting service for other clients.

Shipping And Ship Brokerage

Xeta Petroleum FZE engages in diverse shipping activities such as chartering. Bulk & Break Bulk service, vessel operations, and liner agency, thus offering clients a unique choice. It keeps close foresight and be cautious before entering into a contractual relationship on behalf of our owners/charters.

Physical trade is the core activity of the company. Refined petroleum products and feedstock will produce a significant turnover for the company. In light of rich hydrocarbon reserves in the middle-east and numerous suppliers, including UAE infrastructures in operation and finance, the business will be flourishing.

Physical Trade