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Hamriyah Freezone, Sharjah - UAE


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Xeta Petroleum FZE  stands at the core of the oil and refined oil products business. Physical trade, derivatives, shipping, operation, and storage management are the main aspects. We are present in all sectors.

In addition to processing crude oil, recovered crude and condensate, Xeta Petroleum FZE refinery can handle recovered oil, condensates, and other liquids efficiently. By switching between different grades of feedstock, we are able to take advantage of market changes. We convert heavy ends into value-added products such as Naphtha, Kerosene, Gasoil, Fuel Oil and Specialty Solvents such as Aliphatic Hydrocarbon, White Spirit, Mineral Turpentine Oil, Solvent Naphtha and other speciality chemicals at Xeta Petroleum FZE using catalyst cracking technology.


Storage Terminals

With custom-designed tanks equipped with internal floating roofs, we can store highly volatile materials, with their properties continuously monitored by a Control Room equipped with Automated Gauging Systems and Terminal management systems. Logistics support adds value to our storage facilities by complying with well-accepted business terms, learning about each client's operational requirements, and finding innovative ways to move products.

Oil And Gas Trading

Our business is focused on providing the best quality products, at the right price, and a highly effective level of service. We provide value to local and regional supply chains with our business efficiency and risk management. As an industry leader, our well-trained team is always ready to provide our clients with the best service. We know the importance of building and maintaining business relationships. Our team is in a position to deliver products that meet our client's specific requirements.